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After graduating from College off of a football scholarship, he helped Trent in his dream to make it big, and helped him move to Los Santos. After they moved there, they bought an apartment in Bullworth as a second home of sorts, with the help of Trent's friend, who is a prep. They soon got married and adopted a child, who became a jock and followed in their dads' footsteps of graduating from Bullworth. SparkyLewis949 ( talk ) 01:55, March 10, 2015 (UTC)SparkyLewis949 9:54 March 9th, 2015

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Tired of politics, unhappy with his life in general, and planning to commit suicide, Bulworth negotiates a $10 million life insurance policy with his daughter as the beneficiary in exchange for a favorable vote from the insurance industry. Knowing that a suicide will void his daughter's inheritance, he contracts to have himself assassinated within two days.

Various - Bulworth (The Soundtrack)Various - Bulworth (The Soundtrack)Various - Bulworth (The Soundtrack)Various - Bulworth (The Soundtrack)