Bugge wesseltoft - new conception of jazz live

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Established jazz artists have become increasingly active as leaders of nu jazz works in the 21st century. Jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and his trio involving Mark Guiliana and Jonathon Maron worked with electronic musician Shigeto , who established the musical theme of the band with his ambient synth bass and texture. [8] The resulting amalgam, entitled High Risk , reminisces the experimental sound of Miles Davis 's Bitches Brew with a psychedelic and chill touch. Drummer of the band, Mark Guiliana , has released nu jazz works under his own name as well. Showing clear influences from Jojo Mayer & Nerve, many of the albums such as Beat Music in 2012 and My Life Starts Now in 2014 incorporates synthesized melodies, bass and harmony accompanied by acoustic drumming that successfully replicated the nuance of electronic beats. [9] [10] Although no studio recording has been released, Mark Guiliana performed duo sets with Zach Danziger who constructed melodies using samples and, once the theme was established and looped, joined Guiliana on drums to create rhythmically intense electronic jazz. [11] On a more subtle level, Brad Mehldau 's album Largo in 2002, featured Mehldau's contemporary lines with acoustic hip-hop/house beats from the percussion and occasional electronic overdubs on tracks such as "Sabbath" and "Free Willy" [12]

Global world oriented ensemble featuring musicians from India, Libanon, Mozambique, Norway and Spain. Two years preparing and visiting all members homecities we are ready for the world premier at Oslo World Music Festival , European tour following. Did I mention Im exited?

There are so many pianos that are not being played for several reasons: they are broken, stored in piano shops or used as items of furniture rather than a musical instruments. At the same time there are loads of talented pianists who have no possibility to own a piano. Piano Day gives an opportunity for the holders of the unused pianos to place them where they can be enjoyed by a lot of people. Everybody who wants to share the joy of playing and listening to piano music is invited to participate and take action! This initiative was started last year and is to be continued!

John Kellman of the All About Jazz magazine recognized Bugge Wesseltoft Solo appearance at The Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, September 2013, as one of his 25 "Best Live Shows of 2013". [3]

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The International Museum of Children’s Art presents a new globall children's art exhibition in the new departure- international terminal at Oslo lufthavn Gardermoen ...

Bugge Wesseltoft - New Conception Of Jazz LiveBugge Wesseltoft - New Conception Of Jazz LiveBugge Wesseltoft - New Conception Of Jazz LiveBugge Wesseltoft - New Conception Of Jazz Live